Specified Animal Permit Application

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Instructions / Guidance
This permit application pertains to the Eudora City Code Chapter 2, Article 1. Residents of Eudora should submit this application if they would like to keep permitted fowl within city limits. Permitted fowl includes ducks, quail, and female chickens.

All other fowl and animals (i.e. undomesticated animals, cattle, horses, mules, etc.) are not permitted. Any person may petition the governing body for a permit to keep prohibited animals and the governing body may grant the permit upon finding that keeping of such animals will not cause nuisance or otherwise be detrimental to the public welfare of the City. Any permit granted through this process is subject to annual review by the governing body.

For more information on this permitting process and what animals are allowed and not allowed within City limits, please review the code available on the City of Eudora website.


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I have received a copy of the City of Eudora Permit Issuance Criteria and acknowledge that the Specified Animal(s) that will be kept at the address above meets all the requirements of the Issuance Criteria. I grant permission for representatives of the City of Eudora to enter and inspect the premises at any reasonable time.

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