Adoption, Donation, Sponsorship of City Property Application

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Application Instructions & Guidelines
I wish to adopt, make the following donation, or sponsor city property to support the City of Eudora and the Parks and Recreation Department. I understand that final decisions on the acceptance and placement of all donations will be made according to the City of Eudora Adoption, Donation, and Sponsorship Policy.
If you would like to donate, adopt, or sponsor some other city property, please indicate the appropriate item below, including details speaking to the needs of the City, the cost of installation and maintenance, and any other relevant details. .
Please Note: City Staff will be in contact with you to discuss your proposed selection in greater detail.
Wording for Plaque: (Examples of phrases to use: In honor of, In loving memory of, Dedicated to)
Donor Contact Information

Questions or Comments
City Staff will review your application and be in touch with any questions, updates or additional information. Please contact us if you have any questions: 785-542-2153.
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