The city’s electric department is staffed by 5 employees who are responsible for serving over 2,500 customers. As part of this responsibility, the electric department maintains and repairs over 100 miles of electrical lines, 1000 poles, 600 transformers, and nearly 800 street lights. The electric department also oversees maintenance of lights for four baseball fields and all city buildings and related infrastructure.

In case of an emergency please call (785) 542-2153.

Electricity Rate Study

In 2017, Sawvel and Associates completed the Electric Cost of Service and Rate Design Study that reviewed the City's rate structure. The study revealed the need to adjust electric fees to cover the costs associated with providing electric service.  The previous base rate and per kilowatt charges had not been covering the city's basic costs.  A rate tariff had to be developed for the seven rate classes: residential, residential outside city limits, commercial single phase, commercial three phase (less than 10,000 KWh), commercial three phase (10,000 KWh to 200,000 KWh), industrial, and security lighting.  The completed study can be accessed here.

​Electric Utility Distribution System Survey & Report

In October of 2019, Sawvel and Associates conducted a full survey of the Eudora Electric Utility distribution system and made recommendations for maintenance and improvements over the next 15 years. 

The full survey and report can be found here