Eudora’s Growth

Population and commercial growth along the K-10 corridor that Eudora resides on is inevitable. While the announcement of the Panasonic battery plant in De Soto has accelerated this trend, the City has always been dedicated to a proactive approach to growth. The City welcomes growth while continuing to keep its quaint hometown atmosphere that residents enjoy. 

Eudora has seen a steadily increasing population over the years and is an excellent area for commercial growth in the sports and entertainment tourism sector. The development of this project will be critical to capturing growth, and will allow the City to be proactive and manage the impending growth rather than react to it.

Meeting the Community’s Needs

In the City’s Comprehensive Plan, 41.3% of residents surveyed said that managing growth and development appropriately was the most important challenge facing Eudora in the future. In addition, 28.8% of residents said that the City should focus on strengthening the presence of commercial and retail developments. This project is a part of a larger plan to best meet the needs of Eudora’s growing community.

The sales tax generated from the project will become a valuable revenue stream for the community and diversify the City’s revenue. This will allow the City to continue to grow and maintain its infrastructure while helping to help property taxes remain stable. Revenue from new developments such as this allows the City to make improvements to the aging areas of the City and their infrastructure.

In addition, regardless of the project, the City will create and improve certain critical infrastructure. These projects will greatly benefit the community at large and will include the following:

  • An 8' trail along Church Street, from 15th Street to 28th Street
  • New roundabout intersections and 20th and 23rd Streets along Church Street.
  • Improving Church Street to a 40' roadway with curb and gutter from 20th Street to 28th Street.
  • Adding and extending water, sanitary sewer, and stormwater in the project area.
k10 map