Strategic Plan Overview

In 2016, the Eudora City Commission came together to develop a vision for the community and a plan to make progress toward that vision. Since that time, the results of that workshop have been the guide for the governing body and staff. Much has been accomplished and new opportunities and challenges have emerged. 

With just one new member joining the five-member governing body in the last four years, it has enjoyed tremendous consistency. To continue its efforts to provide opportunities for all to enjoy and grow in a safe and thriving community, the Mayor and Commission once again came together to identify goals to achieve its common vision. They began that process in March, focusing on discussions about how to be an even more effective governing body. The process took a pause in light of the COVID-19 pandemic, but the Mayor and Commission were able to gather again in June 2020. 

Even in light of the pandemic, Eudora understands the value of strategic planning. It has been shown that organizations that have a culture of consciously identifying priorities are better prepared to meet challenges and overcome them successfully.

Use of the Strategic Plan

To ensure that the strategic planning is and remains a valuable management tool, the following actions should be considered. 

Implementation Plan: This plan identifies five Critical Success Factors and priority goals of the commission. The city manager and staff should now identify objectives for each of those priority goals. In other words, what actions are necessary to achieve the priority goals, in what timeframe should they be achieved and by whom. 

Resource Allocation: The strategic plan should be used as a guide when considering both financial and human resources. Implementing the plan will require necessary funding as determined in the annual budgeting process. As well, linking staff work and goals to the strategic priorities not only moves toward those priorities being realized, but also helps staff to come together around common goals.

Commission Actions: As part of its regular meetings, the Mayor and City Commission can note actions it takes that will specifically move the organization closer to achieving its vision.

Communication: Efforts should be made to publicize the results of the strategic planning process and progress that is made in achieving it. In addition, the plan should be communicated with citizens so that they are aware of the governing body’s continued efforts to create the ideal Eudora.

Critical Success Factors and Commission Priorities

 The following table shows the final results of the governing body’s decision-making process at the workshop. 

Critical Success FactorPriority Goals
Economic Development: Provide an environment for new and existing business to grow and co-existCreate a regional youth sports complex to be the key focus of economic development initiatives
Parks and Recreation: Provide a variety of quality facilities, programs and services to enhance and promote healthy lifestylesDevelop a system bike and pedestrian trail system
Expanding City Services: The ability to support the growth of an independent communityPriority goals identified in this category are represented in the infrastructure critical success factor.
Infrastructure: To enhance security and confidence in the consistency of services through effective, efficient and innovative infrastructure in our community.Construct a new water treatment plant

Create a pedestrian bridge over K-10.
Communication and Community Engagement: Facilitate reciprocal conversation that inspires citizen leadership and involvement in realizing the community vision for Eudora.Establish a staff position dedicated to communication