House Number Visibility

Public Service Announcement from Eudora's Public Safety Professionals

Imagine for a moment that you have a life-threatening emergency in your home in the middle of the night. You pick up the phone and call 911 and the fire department is dispatched. The seconds tick away like minutes until you finally hear sirens approaching. You feel relief as help is on the way, only to realize that the emergency vehicle passes by because they cannot locate your house. There are no house numbers easily visible from the front of your house. 

The mission of public safety personnel and emergency responders is to respond as quickly as possible to emergencies. You can help prevent unnecessary delays by doing the following:

  1. Display your house numbers so they are easily visible from the street - bigger is better.
  2. Make sure the numbers stand out in contrast to the background.
  3. Consider placing numbers on a mailbox or on the curb, especially if your house sits far away from the road. 

The following video provides additional information and guidance about displaying house numbers: