Adoption, Donation, and Sponsorship of City Property


The City recognizes and values the direct support of the community. The Eudora Parks and Recreation Department is privileged to receive support from citizens who donate regularly to help ensure the park system continues to thrive and provide improved quality of life for residents and visitors alike.

The purpose of this policy is to establish standards and procedures for the acceptance, installation, and maintenance of donated park improvements made from cash or property donation. Guidelines established by this policy shall apply to all donations to Parks & Recreation and Public Works. Standards established by this policy will apply to purchased equipment, installation, donation acknowledgments, and long-term care of all donations.

Acceptance Criteria

Donations must be consistent with the mission, policies, and goals of the Parks and Recreation Master Plan and not be limited by any special restrictions, impose budgetary obligations, or increased maintenance responsibilities. City staff will determine whether donations meet these standards and fall within the scope of the Parks & Recreation Master Plan. Staff reserves the right to decline donations deemed unsuitable.

Donation applications are accepted year-round. Once donations are approved, the donor will receive a letter of appreciation and an invitation to the annual recognition observance. All donation funding must be in place before the donated item can be secured, installed or planted. Tree planting will be done in spring and fall. City staff will only accept donations with the understanding that staff is in no way obligated to replace any item or park improvement in the event of theft, vandalism, damage or destruction by flood or any natural event.


Please complete the application to submit your request to adopt, donate to, or sponsor city property. Applications must be fully completed; incomplete applications will not be considered. Once submitted, applications will be reviewed by the Parks and Recreation Director. After review, the director will contact you with any follow-up questions and next steps. Please allow 2 weeks for application review.



The City and community have an interest in ensuring that park elements purchased and installed be of good quality related to style, appearance, durability and ease of maintenance. City staff will be responsible for the purchase and installation of all park elements.


The City and community have an interest in ensuring the best appearance and aesthetic quality of their public facilities. Park elements and/or their associated donations should reflect the character of the park or facility.


An annual recognition ceremony will be held during each year to recognize donors from the previous year. For donations acknowledged with a plaque, the plaque will be placed on or near the donated item when possible. The duration of the naming rights will be evaluated on a case by case basis. In some scenarios, a term expiration may be established.

When naming a new park or recreational facility, the proposed name shall:

  • Engender a strong positive image
  • Be appropriate to the park or recreational facility location
  • Have historical, cultural, or social significance
  • Commemorate places, people or events that are of continued importance to the City region, state or nation, or
  • Have symbolic value that transcends ordinary meaning or use as well as enhances character.


Installation and maintenance costs are included in the established price of donations set by the City. Donated items will be installed between the months of April and October. All items and associated donor acknowledgements become City property upon installation. Accordingly, the City is responsible for maintenance for the expected life cycle of the donation. At the conclusion of a donated item’s useful life, the City may choose to replace or remove the donated item.


The donation process may be completed by mail, in person at City Hall or on the City’s website. Requests shall be submitted using the Adoption, Donation, Sponsorship application. All applications shall be reviewed in accordance with the procedures and guidelines addressed in this policy. Checks shall be made payable to the City. Unless specified, cash donations will be used to best meet the current needs of the department and city.


  • Letter of Recognition – A letter of thanks and recognition will be sent to all donors. The letter will acknowledge the donor, the amount of the donation, special circumstances that may apply and the date of acceptance. This letter will serve as evidence of the donation for the purpose of the donor’s tax records; including in-kind donations/gifts.
  • Commemorative Plaques – A commemorative plaque will be installed with each donation, as appropriate.
  • Annual Recognition Observance – Details TBD.


  • Establishment of individual memorials/decorations
  • Accessories like wreaths, shrubs, memorial flowers
  • Donation of any kind that could be perceived to have political intent or that are made to curry favor