Capital Improvement Projects

A capital project is defined as a project with a cost greater than $4,999. Projects like expanding or improving public buildings, storm and sanitary sewer improvements, water line upgrades and extensions, and vehicles or equipment.

The City Commission annually review and approve the five year Capital Improvement Plan (CIP) project plan.

The CIP provides for the planning of major purchases that meet the needs of the community and the infrastructure of the City. If improvements are not made, the condition of the City’s infrastructure will deteriorate. Preventive maintenance is key to keeping things in working order and that saves the tax payers money.

There are older sections of the City that need infrastructure improvements, such as side-walks, sewer lines and streets.

By planning the projects over several years helps with financing them. The cost can be spread out over several years, providing effective budgeting for the projects. 

Capital Improvement Projects 2020-2025