Use Permitted Upon Review

Use Permitted Upon Review (UPUR) approval is required when an applicant desires a land use is not currently allowed in a particular zoning district per the official City Zoning Map. Uses permitted, and permitted only upon review, in any particular zoning district are detailed in the City’s zoning regulations. These types of uses typically require special study with respect to specific location and design consideration to assure that the use will have a minimal negative impact on surrounding properties. 

A UPUR application may be considered commensurate with a Rezoning Application. 

Pre-Application Meeting

The pre-application meeting provides an opportunity for an applicant and City staff to exchange information and discuss issues that impact the design of the project. 

For questions about the pre-application meeting or to schedule a meeting, contact Building and Codes Administrator Curt Baumann at 785-542-3124.

Application Process

1. Hold pre-application meeting. 

2. Obtain from the County Clerk and remit with the Rezoning Application a current list of all property owners within a pre-determined proximity to the applicant property. 

3. If for a new building, obtain a professional survey.

4. Prepare a site plan.

5. Complete and submit the Use Permitted Upon Review Application and application fee.

6. Staff review.

7. Planning Commission public hearing (following 20-day notice to surrounding property owners).

8. The Planning Commission submits it's recommendations to city commission.