Dog Impoundment and Retrieval Process

Dogs found running at large within the city limits will be placed in the Eudora dog pound for a maximum of four (4) days.

Dogs not redeemed after four (4) days at the city dog pound will be taken to the Lawrence Humane Society (LHS). 

After the LHS houses the dog, the owner will need to abide by their guidelines for retrieval of the animal as well as provide a receipt from the City of Eudora stating all city boarding fees have been paid before LHS will release the animal to the owner. 

To retrieve your dog from the city pound, the following are required:
  • Proof of city license receipt/tag (should the owner not have this information, city staff may review records for verification of tags)
  • Proof of current rabies vaccination. (Should the owner not have this information available,city staff may call the owner's veterinarian for verification.) If impounded dog does not have a current rabies vaccination, a prepaid vaccination is required.
  • Impoundment fee(s) must be paid. (First offense is $50 plus $10 for each additional offense)
  • Boarding fee(s) paid. ($6 per day)
Note: Dog owners will have to pay or purchase tags at City Hall before retrieving their dog.
If you believe your dog is lost or missing please contact Debbie Eaton at 785-542-2153 Option 7. Please have your dog information handy.