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Ben Terwilliger
Executive Director, Eudora Community Museum

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720 Main St. Eudora, KS, 66025

Eudora, KS 66025
Ph: (785) 690-7900


Tuesday - Saturday 
12:00 - 5:00
To schedule a tour, call 785-690-7900


Museum and History Overview

The Eudora Area Historical Society operates the Eudora Community Museum. The Eudora Community Museum’s exhibits and displays explore all of the themes relating to the history of the Eudora Area. The community of Eudora was first established by German immigrants in 1857. The German immigrants purchased the town-site from a Shawnee tribal Chief named Paschal Fish. The German immigrants decided to name the town “Eudora” in honor of Paschal Fish’s 8 year old daughter Eudora Fish. Native Americans lived in the Eudora Area for thousands of years before the establishment of Eudora in 1857. Tribes that lived in the Eudora Area include the Kansa, Shawnee and Delaware tribes. The Eudora community was strategically situated near the Oregon Trail. The Eudora Area had substantial Jewish and Black communities in the 19th century. The Sunflower Army Ammunition Plant opened just east of Eudora in 1943. The Sunflower Plant employed thousands of people and it triggered significant growth in the Eudora Area. 

About our Museum Building

The Eudora Community Museum is located at 720 Main Street in downtown Eudora. 720 Main Street was first built in 1866 by German immigrants. 720 Main Street was donated to the EAHS by the Trefz family in 2013. The EAHS has extensively rehabilitated 720 Main Street, investing the equivalent of $740,000 into the property. 720 Main Street is listed on the State Register of Historical Places.

Visit Historic Downtown Eudora!

Please visit historic Downtown Eudora! In addition to our museum, downtown Eudora is home to a number of shops, restaurants and parks. We are proud of the 21 bronze plaques that we have installed on historical buildings in downtown Eudora. Each bronze plaque details the history of their respective building.

EAHS Mission Statement

The Eudora Area Historical Society preserves and maintains the history of the city and township of Eudora and the surrounding communities of Clearfield, Fall Leaf, Hesper, Prairie Center and Weaver.

EAHS Archives

The EAHS also maintains an extensive archival collection. The Archives are open to the public during the standard hours of operation. Collections within the Archives include virtually all Eudora based newspapers since the 1890s, thousands of photographs, yearbooks, correspondence, genealogy and books relating to Eudora and Kansas history.

Membership Application

If you are interested in becoming a member, please print and fill out an EAHS Membership Form. Then mail the form to:

Eudora Area Historical Society

PO Box 158

Eudora, KS 66025

Contact Info

Ben Terwilliger

Executive Director

PO Box 158

Eudora, KS 66025

Ph: (785) 690-7900

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